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View Full Version : Punching/Kicking power measurement

May 4th, 2009, 05:43 PM
Hi guys! I am designing a project with the aim of measuring kicking and punching power. My objective is to measure , and probably analyse data about strikes (as seen in documentaries on discovery channel). I have already been trying some methods , some very simple and others a bit more exotic.

My hardware ideas for this purpose are (as independent systems):

1. Measurement of deflection of a punching bag with a spring system read by mechanical sensors.

2. Use of a pressure sensor (like the ones on scales) to measure the actual force applied in the strike.

3. Use of accelerometers embedded in the boxing bag , his seems to be the most effective method besides the complexity of calculations of other variables from accelerations

I've allready tried all of them but e only one that actually convinced me was the pressure sensor as I wasnt able to transform (with a proper error margin) raw accelerations to speeds , force , pressure ....

Any ideas? ;)